Located in Durham Region, and serving Greater Toronto Area, my name is Ginny. I'm an equine and canine boutique photographer.

Horse Hound

How did I get here? My love of photography started when I took a photography course in high school. I borrowed my grandmother’s very old film camera — and, I mean, old — nothing on it was automatic. I remember photographing my friends in the hallways of my high school and then excitedly rushing to the darkroom to process my film. Waiting for the image to appear on the paper was torture, but well worth the wait.

My love of horses led me to attend the Equestrian Program at Humber College in the late 80s. I was surrounded by all things horse. I was living my dream. Unfortunately, an injury put an end to that dream. Then life got in the way, university, work, marriage…and well, you know how it can go. 

After my daughter was born, I picked up my first Canon EOS digital camera and studied photography at Durham College. Because I was lucky enough to have a horse and a dog at home, I often used them as my models. Lucky for me, my dog and my horse both worked for treats.

I started to take pictures of the other horses at the barn and when their owners wanted copies, a lightbulb went off in my head and I remembered what my mother always told me, “If you want to find happiness, discover what you love to do and then figure out a way to make money at it. You’ll never have to work again.”

 Love of Horses + Love of Dogs + Love of Photography = Horse & Hound Fine Art Photography.

I am an animal lover. Always have been. Always will be.

I am still the person who points to a horse in a field and yells “horse” with, and without, people in the car.

Today, I still ride twice a week, still take lessons and love every minute of it. I have a sweet, but very protective, rescue dog at home, and two rescue cats. 

I am living my dream — and, I feel like the most fortunate and blessed person in the world. Click to visit my Lookbook or Past Client Galleries.

– Ginny

If you are looking for a professional, charismatic, and animal-loving photographer to capture your pets, big or small, Ginny is the one for you! She has now done sessions with all three of my fur babies. The precious moments she has captured are absolutely priceless. It is clear how passionate she is about her craft by the care and patience she puts into taking each and every photo. Ginny ensured at all times that my dogs were comfortable, and had their personalities shining bright by the end of the shoot. This was especially evident when Ginny was photographing my eldest dog Zack who is both hard of hearing and sight at 18 years of age. The images she has given me have pulled on my heart strings and will be forever cherished. I would recommend Ginny to anyone looking for professional photos as they are truly works of art!

Only photograph what you love.